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A Scalable Revenue Cycle Solution Suite

Modernize your Revenue Cycle Management workflow by implementing our comprehensive cloud-based solutions. Our intelligent systems use AI algorithms to increase efficiencies and streamline your processes. Monetize your insurance claims in 3 days, and improve your reimbursement from both insurers and patients.

Dental Service Organizations are STUCK

DSOs frequently lack centralized data structures, automated RCM workflows, and data anyalytics. When it comes to operational efficiencies, they're stuck.

To create meaningful change, DSOs need financial insight and automated procedures.

We've created a suite of products to streamline your business and improve your cash flow.

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Denaflex by Denalytics

Get your dental insurance claims paid in 3 days.

Denaflex is our fintech platform providing the only automated dental insurance solution to monetize your commercial claims in three days, significantly reducing your days insurance outstanding, improving your cash flow, and automated claims processing.

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We proudly partner with RMS

who has successfully completed over 1 billion claim-payment transactions totaling more than $1 trillion in revenue cycle management.

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